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Word: Ingrained

Ingrained [Adjective]

Sentence: Spritz culture is ingrained in the cities and towns of northern Italy, where ice-filled chalices of the classic combo — bitter liqueur and sparkling wine or water (or both) — refract sunlight on every other cafe table. You can even buy a spritz at the Venice airport before you board your plane. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Firmly fixed or established (habit, belief, or attitude); Difficult to change.

How To Remember?

You put the habit, belief or attitude firmly inside the grain making the habit, belief or attitude an inherent part of the grain.


Entrenched; Established; Fixed; Inculcated; Instilled; Inveterate; Ineradicable; Implanted; Rooted.



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Picture Credit: social9nikolaos.blogspot.in

[Ingrained = Entrenched]

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