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Word: Ostentatious

Ostentatious [Adjective]

Sentence: “They say, ‘We don’t know what to do. We just want to spend money and light up the house.’ And we light up their house,” says Joseph Manieri of Distinctive Holiday Displays, a Long Island company that specializes in Christmas décor and commands as much as $30,000 to deck the halls of ostentatious New Yorkers. (Source: www.marketwatch.com)

Meaning: Characterised by showy display in an attempt to impress others

How To Remember?

Ostentatious” should remind you of someone who performs outstanding or awesome stunts just to garner attention of others. Remember the word has a social stigma attached to it in most cultures.


Grandiloquent; Showy; Pretentious; Conspicuous; Obtrusive; Flamboyant; Gaudy; Garish; Tinsel; Tinselly; Brash; Vulgar, Ornate; Kitsch.


Plain; Unobtrusive; Restrained; Modest.

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