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Word: Grandiloquent

Grandiloquent [Adjective]

Sentence: With this one, Ms. Miller has attempted to elevate a small Oedipal story about two damaged souls into a grandiloquent epic, Shakespeare by way of Bob Dylan. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Pompous or lofty in style

How To Remember?

The “-loquent” part should remind you of the word “lecture“. So, a person is grandiloquent when he/she loves to give grand lectures about his/her adventures or exploits.

Remember the root word “Loqui” which means to “To talk“. Hence, the words eloquent, dialogue, soliloquy and loquacious have something to do with talking. (Click on the highlighted words to check their meanings.)


Pompous; Bombastic; Magniloquent; Pretentious; Ostentatious; Rhetorical; Orotund; Fustian.


Unpretentious; Concise.

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Gif Credit: magazine.fasherati.com

[Well, grandiloquent speeches can have this effect on some of the listeners!]

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