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Word: Tractable

Tractable [Adjective]

Sentence: “If you say, ‘find me a cure for cancer’ it may not work,” Dr. Lakhani said. But if problems can be “decomposed” into what he called modular questions, like “find me a biomarker for this condition, these questions may be more tractable.” (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Easily manageable or controllable

How To Remember?

The word “Tractable” should remind you of a tractor. So, you have this piece of land which is arable that is, the soil can be made suitable for cultivating crops if you till it using a tractor. Thus, the land is manageable. If the piece of land were rocky, you would not have been able to manage the same using a tractor.

The Opposite?

Recalcitrant. (Click here to check the meaning.)

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Picture Credit: www.petmd.com

[Dogs are tractable animals.]

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