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I am Amartya Dey – friend, learner, ideator, reader and explorer. I have been enamored by this challenge called “learning”. Some people learn easily, some don’t. Some people learn one skill easily, while find it difficult to replicate their success in another field.

This year I came across a book – a concept rather – called “Mindset” by Carol Dweck. A PhD from Yale University, Carol is currently a professor of Psychology at the Stanford Universty. In her book, she write about two mindsets – Growth Mindset & Fixed Mindset. While one having the growth mindset wants to learn and evolve constantly by picking up new skills, the ones having a fixed mindset would rely too much on innate talent. The latter would not learn as much and avoid failure as much as possible.

This made me think.

Although this is the age of machine learning, becoming a learning machine has become imperative. I frankly do not know what skills would be required 5 years down the line in the profession I am in. Things are changing too fast and uncertainty is multiplying.

With this in mind, I started this blog. I shall try to learn. I shall learn how to communicate in an effective manner so that the material is appealing and easy to remember. I have targeted very basic things as of now – learning about Money (given that our financial “literacy” is not quite up to the mark in India), learning about the English language (memorizing and using new words, and understanding grammar) and learning Math (basic, simple, interesting).

I hope that you, Reader, shall be a partner in this journey of mine, the mission of which is to:

Understanding Learning!

Amartya Dey

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Disclaimer: I am not an expert. I am a learner. Just like you! And my opinions are my own and do not reflect in any way the opinion of the organizations I am, was or will be associated with. Happy learning, people!