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Word: Novaturient

Novaturient [Adjective]

Sentence: In retrospect, I’m shaking my head at how easily I was able to navigate the city using the limited French vocabulary that I learned in elementary school. My novaturient wishes were to find myself in the places I would explore, the scents I would inhale, and the people whose words and energies would stimulate my thoughts. (Source: golbou.com)

Meaning: Desiring changes or alterations; Desiring or seeking change in one’s life, behavior or situation; The feeling that pushes one to travel

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

The word “Nova” originates from the Latin “Novus” meaning “New“. “Novaturient” thus should remind you of someone who wants a new life!

Remember thus!

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Credits: www.dilbert.com

[Well, some employees sure know how to handle the novaturient desires of their bosses!]

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