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Word: Sirimiri

Sirimiri [Noun]

Sentence: Bilbao, like Seattle, is a city of mizzling rain, drizzle-and-spatter, of mild winters & thick grass. It snows perhaps two times a year — wet, clumping stuff that doesn’t stick — and stays cool all summer long. It will rain at least one hundred days out of the year, & sometimes more. Bilbao’s rainfall is even enshrined in a local word: sirimiri. It’s roughly equivalent to chipichipi in Mexico, or a New Englander’s it’s spitting — a light, constant, almost foglike rain, barely worth noticing, that leaves you soaked through by the time you get wherever you’re going. (Source: jimsligh.wordpress.com)

Meaning: Very light rain which is stronger than mist but weaker than a shower

How To Remember?

Try to remember this word by associating the sound with the name used to characterize this light rain – “Sirimiri“. Slight drizzle. Its such a beautiful word!


Calabobos; Chirimiri.

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Gif Credits: jwintle.com

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