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Word: Abdicate

Abdicate [Verb]

Sentence with Context:

(a) Prince Siddhartha abdicated the throne and went on to become Lord Buddha – the founder of Buddhism.

(b) The Municipal Corporation of Silchar abdicated its responsibility to maintain the roads and clean the drains inviting the wrath and criticism of the common citizens.


(a) To renounce, to give away, to abjure

(b) Failure to fulfill a responsibility


Resign, Retire, Quit, Stand Down, Surrender, Spurn, Reject, Renounce, Abnegate


Accept, Take on, Assume, Claim, Seize, Take Over, Usurp, Wrest, Defend

The Confusion? 

Both the words “Abdicate”  and “Abjure(Click here to check out the word) refer to renouncing a position. But while the former refers to renouncing a formal and social position of power like a throne, the latter refers to the renouncement of an ideology or belief system.

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

Abdicate = Ab + Dicate. Think about a dictator now like Hitler himself. A dictator holds immense power. Say, this is the “normal” state. So, what is the ab-normal state? That would be loss of power. Giving away power. Renouncing power. Thus, remember “Abdicate”.

Abdicate the throne and run away!
Credits: tenor.com

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