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Word: Abnegate

Abnegate (Verb)

Sentence with Context:

Suu Kyi has spoken little publicly about the conflict and pointedly refused to use the word Rohingya, which is not a minority recognised by the Myanmar government. “It is not the intention of the Myanmar government to apportion blame or to abnegate responsibility. We condemn all human rights violations and unlawful violence,” she had said earlier.

Source: www.aninews.in

Meaning: Renounce or reject (something desired or valuable)


Renounce, Reject, Refuse, Abandon, Spurn, Abdicate, Relinquish, Abjure, Disavow, Repudiate


Accept, Assume, Claim, Seize, Usurp, Assert

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

Abnegate” can be thought of AB + NEGATE. Imagine someone negating their responsibility or negating their thoughts to have something nice for themselves. Remember thus!

Credits: giphy.com

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