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Word: Abjure

Abjure [Verb]

Sentence with Context: 

Trump has repeatedly abjured political correctness ever since he plunged into the US presidential contest a year ago, but even by his standards an open invitation to Russia, a long-standing enemy, to interfere in America’s general election was a departure that was the ultimate in political heresy.

(Source: www.telegraphindia.com)

Meaning: Renounce a cause, claim or belief


Renounce, Reject, Relinquish, Deny, Gainsay, Repudiate


Profess, Assert, Claim, Avow

The Confusion? 

Both the words “Abdicate(Click here to check out the word) and “Abjure” refer to renouncing a position. But while the former refers to renouncing a formal and social position of power like a throne, the latter refers to the renouncement of an ideology or belief system.

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

You must have heard the adage: “A burnt child dreads fire”. So, injury can change someone’s position. The “-jure” in “abjure” should remind you of the word “injure“. And when a position injures you, you change the position. You reject your previously held  notion.

Someone has abjured meat!
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