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Word: Ingenuous

Ingenuous [Adjective]

Sentence: Miss Stanwyck gives a good surface performance of a destructively lurid female, but Mr. MacMurray is a bit too ingenuous as the gent who falls precipitately under her spell. And the ease of his fall is also questionable. One look at the lady’s ankles and he’s cooked. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Innocent & suspecting

How To Remember?

Ingenuous” should remind you of a genuine person who is upright and unsuspecting. He/she neither suspects nor resorts to chicanery. (Click here to check the meaning of “Chicanery”.) 


Naive; Innocent; Simple; Childlike; Uncritical ; Unworldly.


Disingenuous; Artful.

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[Consumerism & media thrive because of the ingenuous consumer!]

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