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Word: Pejorative

Pejorative [Adjective]

Sentence: By the middle of the 19th century, the word baroque had lost its pejorative implications and was used to describe the ornate and complex qualities present in many examples of 17th-century art, music, and literature. Eventually, the term came to designate the historical period as a whole. (Source: www.khanacademy.org)

Meaning: A derogatory term used to express contempt or disapproval, or belittle someone

How To Remember?

The Pajero is a premium sports utility vehicle by Mitsubishi. It is a symbol of wealth. And some wealthy people do like to show contempt for not-so-well-off people, don’t they? Imagine a wealthy couple driving by a slum in a Pajero and showing their disapproval.

Let Pajero help you remember the word “pejorative“!

P.S.: No offense to Pajero owners. Just a trick to remember. No harm meant! It’s a great car.

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Picture Credit: family-in-law.com

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