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Word: Debilitating

Debilitate [Adjective]

Sentence: Although some tiny part of me retained a dim sense of the more functioning person I once was — like a room with a closed door that was never entered anymore — it became increasingly difficult to envision myself ever inhabiting that version of myself again. There had been too many recurrent episodes, too many years of trying to fight off this debilitating demon of a thing. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Making someone very weak

How To Remember?

Debilitate” should remind you of “de+ability“, that is make someone bereft of some ability. And when you lose ability, you become? Weak. Yes!


Weakening; Enfeebling; Enervating; Enervative; Devitalizing; Draining; Sapping.


Invigorating; Strengthening.

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Gif Credit: iruntheinternet.com

[It seems it is not just Kryptonite that has a debilitating effect on Superman!]

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