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Word: Abortive

Abortive (Adjective)

Sentence with Context:

Speaking to the Guardian nearly two weeks after his failed uprising against Maduro, Juan Guaidó claimed Venezuela’s strongman president was illegally targeting opposition leaders who took part. At least 10 Guaidó allies are facing years in jail for their role in the abortive 30 April insurrection – with three seeking refuge in diplomatic compounds and one fleeing to Colombia in recent days.

Source: www.theguardian.com

Meaning: failed to produce the intended result


Futile, Vain, Unproductive, Unsuccessful, Ineffective, Ineffectual, Inefficacious


Deadly, Effective, Effectual, Efficacious, Efficient, Fruitful, Potent, Productive, Profitable, Successful, Virtuous

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

Abortive” is related to the word “Abortion” that indicates the end of pregnancy before the birth of a child. Thus, an “abortive” attempt is any attempt that does not bear the desired results. Remember thus.

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