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Word: Autarkic

Autarkic [Adjective]

Sentence: When visioning for best possible future energy systems in a world with growing populations, limited fossil fuel resources, rising energy prices and less energy security -more individuals, communities and cities are looking to utilise autarkic principles to harvest, store and optimise use of local energy resources. Energy autarky can be described as a location that relies on its own energy resources for generating the useful energy required to sustain the society within that region or a situation in which a region does not import substantial amounts of energy resources. Functioning autarkic energy systems typically require a micro-grid, well understood energy demand and supply characteristics, opportunities for energy storage of various types and controls able to manage the harmonisation of system components. (Source: www.researchgate.net)

Meaning: Self-sufficient; Describing non-trade situations

How To Remember?

Autarkic” or “Autarky” should remind you of “Autonomy“-the right or condition of self-government. The idea of autarky may be thought of as an extension of autonomy whereby you not only have your own government, your country/society is self-sufficient and does not need any inputs or call for any intervention from an outside party.

Remember thus!

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Picture Credit: www.criticalcactus.com

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