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Word: Predicament

Predicament [Noun]

Sentence: The Johnstown Flood has become a symbol of the havoc created by the elements gone wild. For days after the disaster, The New York Times ran articles spotlighting the flood itself and the predicament of those who survived it: members of a community whose understanding of disease and contamination was still rudimentary.

Source: www.johnstownpa.com

Meaning: Difficult, confusing, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation


Plight; Quandary; Trouble; Muddle

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

The word “Predicament” is used to describe a situation where ailment (i.e., difficulty or trouble) can be predicted with ease.

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Picture Credit: hfaesy.wordpress.com

[Sometimes you have no one else but yourself to blame for your predicament.]

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