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Word: Predilection

Predilection [Noun]

Sentence: We chose to study decision making under sexual arousal – not because we had kinky predilections ourselves, but because understanding the impact of arousal on behavior might help society grapple with some of its most difficult problems, such as teen pregnancy and the spread of HIV-AIDS. There are sexual motivations everywhere we look, and yet we understand very little about how these influence our decision making. (Source: “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely)

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Meaning: A preference or liking for something; Biased in favor of something

How To Remember?

“Predilection” should remind you of pre-direction. You have already decided your direction in favor of something. Remember thus!


Fondness; Preference; Partiality; Penchant; Inclination; Leaning; Bias; Propensity; Proclivity; Proneness; Predisposition; Tendency; Affinity


Dislike; Disinclination.

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[Picture Credit: philosophy.hku.hk]

(Guess what the predilection of the research company was?)

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