Random Learnings

The 2017 Resolutions

2016 would end in another hour or so, in India. Although resolutions can be taken any day of the year and not just at the start of a new year by the Gregorian calendar, why not use this human tendency to be more resolute?

Here are mine:

Learn 3 new skills. 

I would like to learn 3 specific skills this year to become a better person and a professional. As is the theme of this blog, constant learning has become the order of the day. We need to become learning machines. Business analytics and coding are 2 skills that I need to work upon. I do not know how to drive a car. So, that is another skill I would like to pick up in 2017.



Challenge the status quo.

Most do not care about our environment and public well-being. I would like to challenge the status quo even if that costs me professionally or personally. Some beliefs should matter more than our personal well-being.

Fail at 5 things. 

I would not just pick up projects and challenges that I can complete easily and/or win. I want to fail at 5 specific things this year (and this does not include the resolutions I am listing here). *wink*

Be respectful to opposing ideas.

I would be more respectful too ideas that are contrary to my belief-system. This is one of the best ways to learn. For being respectful, one needs to be a better listener. In 2016, I have become a good listener. I need to be better.

Be aggressive.

I promise not to compromise on with dishonest and agenda-driven people. I would not compromise with my value-system. Being aggressive does not mean that you need to insult others. Be aggressive like Rahul Dravid if you know what I mean.

Convert my blog into a website. 

This blog has given me space to express and experiment with my ideas, especially on the fields of learning, education and human resources. I am thankful to the readers for visiting this blog space. Hopefully I would have something better to offer in 2017.

What are your resolutions? Let the World know.

Happy 2017, People! May it be exciting like never before! 

Author: Amartya Dey, India

Picture Credit: hdwallpapershdpics.com

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