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Word: Redress

Redress (Verb)

Sentence with Context:

You might expect this so-called “slave compensation” to have gone to the freed slaves to redress the injustices they suffered. Instead, the money went exclusively to the owners of slaves, who were being compensated for the loss of what had, until then, been considered their property. Not a single shilling of reparation, nor a single word of apology, has ever been granted by the British state to the people it enslaved, or their descendants.

Source: www.theguardian.com

“Organisations and individuals tend to hire in their own image, whether consciously or not,” she adds. At a time when companies with more than 250 employees have had to publish their gender pay gaps, McGregor-Smith says doing the same for diversity would help them talk about their own figures and make changes to redress the balance.

Source: www.pwc.co.uk

Meaning: Remedy or set right (an undesirable or unfair situation)


Rectify, Correct, Amend, Remedy, Repair, Reform, Ameliorate


Aggravate, Impair, Worsen, Intensify, Reiterate, Deepen, Perpetuate

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

Imagine yourself destroying your sister’s prom dress and working vigorously to repair the dress so that she does not hate you for life. This is the only way for you to redress the situation, my friend!

Credits: giphy.com

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