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Word: Calumny

Calumny [Noun]

Sentence: Admittedly, Governor Dukakis was slow in striking back at this campaign of calumny, but it is to his credit that when he finally did so, he never allowed himself or his supporters to sink to comparable depths of distortion. What is really frightening about Mr. Bush’s below-the-belt campaign is its apparent acceptance by a sizable proportion of the voting public. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Defame someone’s character by making false statements; Slander



Gif Credit: giphy.com

How To Remember? 

Calumny” should remind you of someone who makes callous statements about you with the intention of bringing calamity in your life. Beware of those people and keep them at a safe distance! Remember thus.


Slander, Denigration, Vilification, Obloquy, Vituperation, Scurrility, Backbiting, Libel.


Acclaim, Applaud, Commend, Praise.

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