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Word: Circumscribe

Circumscribe [Verb]

Sentence: For all that populists purport to champion the will of the people, their definition of the people is often restrictive and “deeply illiberal,” Mounk writes, if not downright exclusionary. They also rail against institutions that circumscribe what they deem to be the popular will: “They openly say that neither independent institutions nor individual rights should dampen the people’s voice.” (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Restrict (something) within limits.

Credit: Mike Peters

How To Remember? 

“Circumscribe” should remind you of the circumference of a circle. So you try to keep everything within the limits of the circle, thus restricting it within the limits of the boundaries of the circle.


Restrain, Restrict, Limit, Delimit, Regulate, Control


Liberate, Permit, Release

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