Learning English

Word: Parsimonious

Parsimonious [Adjective]

Sentence: People who do that may instinctively be seeking higher forms of pruning: being impeccable with your words, parsimonious but strong with your commitments, disciplined about your time, selective about your friendships, moving generally from fragmentation toward unity of purpose. There’s an enviable emotional tranquility at the end of that road. (Source: : www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Restrained in spending money or using resources

How To Remember?

Pars-” should remind you of “Sparse” meaning little or short in supply. And “-monious” should remind you of? Yes, “Money“. Now what does one do who has little money? He/she would be very restrained in spending the money.

The Opposite?

Prodigal. (Click here to check the meaning.)

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Picture Credit: www.pinterest.com

[Scrooge McDuck is a parsimonious character albeit fictional!]

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