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US Elections: Disrupting & Anti-Establishment

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Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th President of the US of A. With most intellectuals and almost the entire media going against Trump, it came as a surprise to many. Not only is Trump is the oldest President elected in the USA, he is also the only one of the 45 Presidents who previously did not hold any public office or served in the military.

So, what went wrong?

  • Did the anti-Trump media crystallize the Trump voter base with their endless stereotyping, degrading and bashing his supporters?
  • Trump is easy to understand. Throughout his campaign, feasible or not, he provided simple solutions to complex problems. Whether they work or not, did the average voter connect more with Trump because the solutions were imaginable or comprehensible easily?
  • Or, were the voters just tired of the liberal rhetoric that has come to dominate the media discourse?

There were specific issues at play too but the issues against one candidate balanced the issues against the other. If Trump has been characterized as sexist and racist, the email controversy and past war experience of Clinton sure left her quite harangued.

Not Understanding the Emerging Right

While the number of guesses as to why the election result is in favor of Trump is endless, one emerging idea is that few have comprehended why the Right is emerging, why people are siding with the Right-winged groups.

First, people are scared. And the world is becoming ever more complex and uncertain. Secondly, most think that they have offered enough concessions to the minorities. Thirdly, many believe that the minority groups should take some responsibilities. And lastly, they are tired. They are tired of the sugar coated words of their liberal and secular leaders when in actuality, war participation has not really gone down in real terms and employment rate has not really gone up.

People want solutions. It does not matter if the solutions are disruptive, if the solutions are against the very establishment which has been them since forever. They are desperate. And so are the times.

Picture Credit: www.telegraph.co.uk

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