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Word: Indolent

Indolent [Adjective]

Sentence with Context:

As per Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, the Court of law has to decide for ad interim maintenance whether the claimant has got all sufficient independent income or not. In the instant case on hand, the husband has informed the Respondent/Wife that he is not liking his job and wanted to do business and therefore, he has remained in the house without going for employment and also according to the Respondent/Wife, the Petitioner/Husband has harassed her and ill treated her in numerous ways.

If a person is an able bodied person and is well qualified and has already been in the job is not expected to remain as an idle spectator nor squeeze out the other spouse by relieving her purse for a cut in the nature of pendente lite maintenance claim. In fact, Section 24 is not meant for entertaining such person, who will have to be paid a dole granted by his wife, against whom, she has got a grievance and also come to Court in H.M.O.P. proceedings. To put it differently, law will not come to the aid of any idle person or any indolent person.

Source: indiankanoon.org

Meaning: Wanting to avoid activity or exertion; lazy

Credits: tenor.com

How to Remember?

The word “Indolent” should remind you of a lazy, idle person. Look at the word carefully, “Indolent” contains all the letters in the word “idle”. Such a person is not just lazy, he/ she is habitually lazy!

Remember thus!


Lazy, Idle, Slothful, Sluggish, Lethargic, Languid, Torpid, Lackadaisical


Industrious, Energetic

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