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Word: Litany

Litany [Noun]

Sentence: Some 70 years later, Kamel Daoud, in his 2013 novel “The Meursault Investigation,” picks up the thread of Camus’s story. In one scene late in that novel, an imam hounds Harun, the brother of the unnamed Arab who was killed in “The Stranger.” In response, Harun gives a litany of his own impieties, culminating in the declaration that “God is a question, not an answer.” (Source: opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Long and tedious speech or recital; Also refers to a type of prayer where lines are recited alternately by a leader and a following group of people

How To Remember? 

You are staring at desperate times and are ready to try any of the multiple ways available to find a solution. You are not averse to trying repeatedly. The “-any” part of “Litany” should remind you how you are ready to keep on repeating your prayers, ready to keep on trying to light up your future (even at the cost of irritating the listener). Well!

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Picture Credit: memegenerator.net

[A litany of complaints can be an irritating experience for the listener!]

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