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Word: Prodigal

Prodigal [Adjective]

Sentence:A controlled escalation of the long suffering Greeks’ pains, intensified by shut banks while ameliorated by some humanitarian aid, was foreshadowed as the harbinger of the New Eurozone. On the one hand, the fate of the prodigal Greeks would act as a morality tale for governments toying with the idea of challenging the existing ‘rules’ (e.g. Italy), or of resisting the transfer of national sovereignty over budgets to the Eurogroup (e.g. France). On the other hand, the prospect of (limited) fiscal transfers (e.g. a closer banking union and a common unemployment benefit pool) would offer the requisite carrot (that smaller nations craved). (Source: www.globalresearch.ca

Meaning: Wastefully extravagant

How To Remember?

A “prodigal” person is someone who would dig all the wealth stored by his ancestors and spend it wastefully. He would save nothing for the future.

The “-dig-” and “-al” should remind you of “dig all“.

The Confusion?

A “prodigy” is someone young with exceptional qualities. Do not confuse between “prodigy” and “prodigal“. The former has a positive connotation while the latter is a negative quality.

The Opposite?

Parsimonious. (Click here to check the meaning.)

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Picture Credit: www.reddit.com

[Watch “The Wolf of Wall Street” to see Leonardo DiCaprio characterise the prodigal Jordan Belfort.]

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