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Word: Perfidious

Perfidious [Adjective]

Sentence: On the list of countries burdened with corruption compiled by Transparency International, in which the lowest ranks correspond to those countries where corruption is most rampant, the Russian Federation ranks 86th out of 133 countries, placing it below India, Malawi and Romania. And the examples of how the Russian president is pursuing a perfidious double-edged strategy against corruption have been multiplying recently. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Treacherous; Unfaithful; Deceitful

How To Remember?

The word “Fidelity” refers to accuracy and precision. It also refers to loyalty and allegiance. And fidelity is very important for a successful marriage. But this is something that a perfidious person would not understand or follow.

The part “-fid-” of “Perfidious” should remind you of “Fidelity“. Remember that one of the largest financial services corporation of the USA is named as “Fidelity Investments“. So “Fidelity” is good. And “Perfidious” can be thought of as the opposite of “Fidelity” and hence implying the opposite of loyalty and allegiance i.e., treachery and deceit.

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[Beware of perfidious co-workers!]

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