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Word: Portend

Portend [Verb]

Sentence: Furthering the gloom, Times’ executives said in a conference call that they expect similarly bad ad trends in the fourth quarter. So the morning after question is whether the Times’ reversals portend trouble for the industry at large. One could argue that the Times’ operations and advertising base are so different from most other papers that it should be viewed as an outlier. (Source: www.poynter.org)

Meaning: Sign or warning that something momentous or disastrous is going to happen

How To Remember?

Anything that helps in predicting the end would portend the future. Remember thus!


Presage; Augur; Foreshadow; Foretell; Prophesy.

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Picture Credit: www.jupiterjenkins.com

[Guess who is trying to portend the future?]

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