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Word: Insipid

Insipid [Adjective]

Sentence with Context: 

The earliest forms of art, like painting and music, are those best suited for expressing joy. But somewhere in the 19th century, more artists began seeing happiness as insipid, phony or, worst of all, boring – in Tolstoy’s words, “All happy families are alike.”

Source: content.time.com

Meaning: Lacking vigor or interest; Lacking flavor or taste


Tasteless, Flavorless, Uninteresting, Boring, Vapid, Dull, Lifeless


Interesting, Imaginative, Sapid, Piquant

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

Suppose you go to a party. Now in that party, you are not allowed to “sip”any drink. No drinks allowed. No soda, no beer. Sorry. Just imagine how dull and lifeless that party would be! The “sip” in “Insipid” should remind you of such a party.

Credits: tenor.com

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