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A Brave New World

In the last century, we talked about globalization, global initiatives, more humane and inclusive values. We built up a social agreement to discard xenophobia and embrace our fellow humans.

By the end of the second decade of this century, you have Trump in the USA, May in the UK, an emerging Le Pen in France and we also have our Modi in India. All of them evoking nationalistic sentiments through symbolic actions and, words that seem to put local production and employment in the spotlight. But even while they talk about local sourcing, we saw 170 odd countries signing the Paris Climate Agreement in the UNGA April, last year.


So while many fear that the grounds gained in the last century would be lost under the new emerging leadership, I think otherwise. We might take a couple of steps back (to course-correct, if I may add) but only to leap higher, to become more globalized, more inclusive.

For every thesis, there comes an anti-thesis. Both are then synthesized over time and become a thesis. Again, there comes an anti-thesis and the process of synthesis. This goes on. This is how progress happens and we evolve.

This is how we afford ourselves a brave, new world every millennium, every time.

Amartya Dey, India

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