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Word: Consternation

Consternation [Noun]

Sentence: The rambling tweet storm, which earned Madison the consternation of CNN anchor Jake Tapper, resulted in a statement from MTV insisting that their employees’ views do not represent those of the network. But Madison kept the anti-Sessions tweets coming, obviously undeterred by the public backlash he faced for his insensitivity. (Source: www.nationalreview.com)

Meaning: A sudden feeling of anxiety, amazement or dread at something unexpected which may result in utter confusion

How To Remember?

Consternation” should remind you of “Concern“. A sudden change in behavior of someone you care raises your concern about her well-being and,  you become anxious, dreading that something awful has befallen her and hence she is behaving the way she is.

Remember thus!


Dismay; Perturbation; Anxiety; Distress; Disquiet; Disquietude; Discomposure; Angst; Trepidation; Surprise; Amazement; Astonishment; Stupefaction; Alarm; Panic; Hysteria.



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Gif Credit: www.miami.com

[Well, yes, many times: Consternation = Face Palm!]

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