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Word: Satiate

Satiate (Adjective)

Sentence with Context:

Foie gras has transformed many animal lovers from conscious consumers to passionate protesters. The production process of foie gras is particularly disturbing: a bird is force-fed three times a day with a long, metal pipe down their throat, all to satiate the gastronomic whims of Wall Street’s 1% in posh Manhattan restaurants.

Source: www.theguardian.com

On paper, Legends looked like a box-office hit. Adam Joiner billed his movie as an anachronistic mash-up of legendary 19th-century American figures, a steampunk Avengers– tailor-made to satiate the ever-expanding appetite for big-ticket, fantasy-action pictures.

Source: www.theguardian.com

Meaning: Satisfied to the full; Sated


Fill, Sate, Slake, Quench, Gorge, Overfeed, Overfill, Surfeit


Starve, Deprive, Dissatisfy

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

Sati-ate” closely resembles “Sati-sfy“. Imagine yourself sitting and eating to your heart’s content till the time you are satisfied i.e., satiated. You can also remember “Satiate” by thinking of it as “Sat” + “Ate“. Remember thus.

Credits: giphy.com

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