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Word: Prosaic

Prosaic [Adjective]

Sentence: If you’re one of those who think that an assortment of food as a present shows lack of imagination you should see the artistic packages that Miss Jeanette Forbes Jack can make out of such prosaic things as crackers, jam and cheese.(Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Lacking creativity; Boring; Unimaginative; Mundane


Gif Credit: giphy.com

How To Remember? 

Prose” is defined as “ordinary writing“. And ordinary is boring, unimaginative, uninspiring. So, “Prosaic” is anything which reminds you of a lengthy piece of writing in which you are being unable to generate any interest. Just like that kid above, you would rather sleep!


Insipid, Bland, Vapid, Monotonous, Deadpan.


Imaginative, Inspired, Interesting.

There is another word covered in this blog which is used to describe anything which induces sleep or drowsiness. Click here to check the word!

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