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Word: Agitprop

Agitprop [Noun]

Sentence: At the center of George Orwell’s 1949 classic depiction of a totalitarian, dystopian society in which the masses are controlled through the imposition of an all-seeing system of surveillance and agitprop, 1984, Big Brother is the ubiquitous presence who dominates this society with ruthless efficiency. Big Brother is the leader of the Party, the political collective that presides over Orwell’s fictional society, Oceania, and he is the face of this autocratic system. (Source: www.enotes.com)

Meaning: Political propaganda spread chiefly through literature, drama, music, or art

How To Remember?

Expand “Agit-Prop” as agitating propaganda which is used to incite people to take some action. It may be for winning an election or stirring up a revolution.

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[Agitprop can be funny too, you know!]

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