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Memorize and Learn the Usage of the Word: Expostulation

Expostulation (Noun)

Sentence with Context:

No amount of expostulation on the virtues of science or logic can dislodge him from his idea of fatalism. He believes that whatever happens to him is the work of fate.

Source: www.numerade.com

With loud expostulation the heron left its cold footbath, flapping slowly and heavily over the sleepy fowl. They ignored the coots and goldeneyes, but the broad-winged heron was too much for them; heads went up, two or three birds scuttered away, and a few, in terror, dived.

Source: www.theguardian.com

Meaning: Reasoning earnestly with a person for purposes of dissuasion or remonstrance


Remonstration, Reproof, Reprimand, Objection, Protest


Acceptance, Approval, Praise

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

The word “Expostulation” can be broken up as Ex-Post-Ulation. Imagine a person arguing or reprimanding their ex-friend after (post) an event that did not go their way.

Credits: gifer.com

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