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Word: Vindicate

Vindicate [Verb]

Sentence: The New York Times’ counsel lays out in a succinct yet compelling narrative the promise of the First Amendment’s guarantees and the promise to vindicate those assurances and values. The marketplace of ideas is better because of it. (Source: www.fordhamiplj.org)

Meaning: To clear someone of blame or suspicion; To prove that something is right or justified

How To Remember?

You are vindicated when all indications prove that you are right, pointing towards your victory (“V” for “Victory“).


Acquit; Clear; Absolve; Exonerate;  Exculpate; Discharge; Liberate; Deliver; Redeem; Justify; Corroborate; Ratify; Substantiate


Convict; Blame; Incriminate; Disprove.

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Picture Credit: mimiandeunice.com

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