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Word: Exculpate

Exculpate [Verb]

Sentence: For example, there is no requirement that prosecutors present evidence tending to exculpate the accused in the Grand Jury.  One practical reason: prosecutors are unable to summarize the evidence for the jurists.  Much evidence that tends to exculpate may not be admissible (it is, for example, hearsay) or is of little evidentiary value.  Thus presenting the evidence may simply not be possible (it can’t be admitted) or its presentation would send confusing, mixed signals to the jurists. (Source: www.bflawoffice.com)

Meaning: To clear someone from a charge of guilt or fault

How To Remember?

Exculpate” should remind you of ex-culprit. That is, you were previously thought to be a culprit but now: no more! You are clear from the charge!


Acquit; Clear; Absolve; Exonerate;  Vindicate; Discharge; Liberate; Deliver; Redeem; Justify; Corroborate; Ratify; Substantiate


Criminate; Incriminate.

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Picture Credit: www.memecenter.com

[Guess who might just get exculpated!]

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