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Word: Xenophile

Xenophile [Noun]

Sentence: For those who seek a wider picture a picture now critical for survival in an age of global economic crises and pandemics Zuckerman highlights the challenges, and the headway already made, in truly connecting people across cultures. From voracious xenophiles eager to explore other countries to bridge figures who are able to connect one culture to another, people are at the center of his vision for a true kind of cosmopolitanism. And it is people who will shape a new approach to existing technologies, and perhaps invent some new ones, that embrace translation, cross-cultural inspiration, and the search for new, serendipitous experiences. (Source: www.booksamillion.com)

Meaning: A person attracted to foreign people, culture and customs

How To Remember?

The suffix “-phile” refers to a person having fondness for something. Remember this always. Just “-phobe” is a suffix which refers to fear for something.

And “Xeno-” refers to foreign origin. So “Xenophile” would refer to someone who is fond of foreigners while “Xenophobe” would describe a person who dislikes foreigners.


Allophile (A close one!).



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Picture Credit: www.afronews.de

[The ones welcoming refugees from other countries can be characterised as xenophiles.]

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