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Word: Altruistic

Altruistic [Adjective]

Sentence with Context:

Although the vampire bat has traditionally been seen as a ghoulish predator, it interests biologists for a very different reason: it is deeply altruistic. The bats live in expansive colonies, with hundreds or thousands sharing the same dark cave. Bats must feed constantly—they starve to death within sixty hours—and this has led to the evolution of an unusual way of sharing food. If a vampire bat fails to find a victim during the night, it will begin licking the wings and lips of a chosen colony member. The animals then lock mouths, while the successful hunter starts vomiting warm blood. If such sharing did not take place, scientists estimate that more than eighty per cent of adult vampire bats would die of starvation every year.

Source: wired.com/ New Yorker

Meaning: Selfless concern for the well-being of others

Credits: tenor.com

How To Remember?

The word “altruistic” can be thought of as combination of two words- “all” and “true“. When we are true to one and all , we go beyond our individualistic concerns , for the sake of the well being of others. Thus, we become “altruistic”. Remember thus!


Benevolent; Generous; Self-less; Self-Sacrificing.


Selfish; Egotist; Self-Centred; Greedy.

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