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Book Review: The Judas Cypher by Greg Dragon

The book follows a skip tracer, a police sidekick, and a previous detective. It’s a post-apocalyptic world with robots, or synths as they are called here, doing all the dirty work of cleaning the world up and humans despising them nonetheless. The synths are tolerated in society though. This balance might change as supposedly a synth is going around killing humans. Why is the synth killing humans? Is it some kind of grudge or is there a larger conspiracy at play here? 

The book is a light read with good pacing. It has gunfights, sex, and drama. The city Tampa feels like San Francisco with a little bit of Cuba and Japan thrown into the mix. The environment, scenery, and protagonist totally give you the feel of Blade runner. Hence fans of this genre would totally love it.

End Verdict

I would highly recommend this as we ourselves are in a kind of a dysfunctional and dystopian society due to COVID 19 and the consequent lock-down and we can relate with the characters more now.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Recommendation: Read!

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Review by: Joydeep, India

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