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Word: Ebullient

Ebullient [Adjective]

Sentence: Undeterred by the outrage of ultra-Orthodox Jews or the fear of terrorist attack, hundreds of gay activists and their supporters marched through the heart of downtown Jerusalem under heavy police guard Friday in the city’s first gay pride parade. By the ebullient standards of gay pride parades in San Francisco or even Tel Aviv – where an annual march has for years drawn tens of thousands – it was a subdued affair, devoid of floats, marching bands or precision drills. (Source: articles.sun-sentinel.com)

Meaning: Overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement

How To Remember?

Have you seen an excited bull? Picture one and imagine how the excited bull is full of energy and excitement, if you may. The “E-bull-” of “Ebullient” should remind you of this excited bull.

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Picture Credit: www.sfchronicle.com

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