Learning English

Word: Levity

Levity [Noun]

Sentence: Humorist and corporate culture expert Scott Christopher debunks the myth that levity is somehow a frivolous non-issue and detrimental to an organization’s success. (Source: levityeffect.com)

Meaning: Lack of seriousness or due respect while dealing with a serious matter

How To Remember? 

Leave it. Don’t take it too seriously!” The word “Levity” should remind you of “Leave it!” Hope this helps you remember this word.

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Picture Credit: www.amazon.com

[While most people would argue how business matters are to be taken seriously always, authors Adrian Gostick & Scott Christopher argue otherwise in their book “The Levity Effect“. Using extensive research, they show how entertainment is necessary in an organization to motivate employees and have more loyal customers. Their research also shows how leaders who take-it-easy & are relaxed eventually earn more than their peers who are serious all the time. Source: www.levityeffect.com.]

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