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Word: Abstemious

Abstemious [Adjective]

Sentence: He is so abstemious that he once declared that to avoid temptation, he would never appear anywhere alcohol was served unless his wife was with him. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Someone who exercises restraint especially while consuming alcohol or food

How To Remember?

Abstemious” is related to the word “abstain” which is the verb form. Now, “Ab-” + “-stain” may be thought of as staying away from “stain” of any type. But to stay away, you need to exercise restraint, an enormous amount of self-control. Being abstemious as you see isn’t easy at all!

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Picture Credit: www.oneillinstituteblog.org ; i.imgur.com

[Guess who are not being abstemious!]

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