Month: October 2016

Word: Abjure

You must have heard the adage: “A burnt child dreads fire”. So, injury can change someone’s position. The “-jure” in “abjure” should remind you of the word “injure”. And when a position injures you, you change the position. You reject your previously held notion.

Word: Iconoclast

Iconoclast [Noun] Sentence: The film deals quickly with “The Americans”—in which, Jack Kerouac wrote, “Robert Frank…sucked a sad poem right out of America”—and how it established the photographer’s reputation as an outsider and […]

Word: Insipid

Suppose you go to a party. Now in that party, you are not allowed to “sip”any drink. No drinks allowed. No soda, no beer. Sorry. Just imagine how dull and lifeless that party would be! The “sip” in “Insipid” should remind you of such a party.