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Word: Liveried

Liveried [Adjective]

Sentence: Liveried Coffee Board waiters wove inscrutably around the tables, serving fragrant coffee and sambar, sticking tab stubs on tables, waiting on anna tips. They wore starched frills in their hats.

(Source: “Single Man – The Life & Times of Nitish Kumar of Bihar” by Sankarshan Thakur.)

Meaning: Clad in livery i.e., a distinctive uniform worn by servants, chauffeurs, etc.

How To Remember?

Livery rhymes with shivery. When one is shivery, it is apparent from their outward condition. Similarly, livery tells us about the rank and status of the person clad in that.

Remember thus!


Draped; Dressed; Swaddled.



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Chauffeur livery advertisement by Moss Bros

Picture Credit: www.mediastorehouse.com

[An advertisement selling Chauffeur’s livery i.e., uniform! And we call a chauffeur wearing uniform a liveried chauffeur.]

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