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Word: Fabricate

Fabricate (Verb)

Sentence with Context:

(a) The Guardian newspaper has removed more than a dozen articles from its website after discovering that one of its journalists had fabricated information and invented quotes from fictitious people.

Source: ft.com

(b) Cantilevers fabricated from the III-V semiconductors have usually contained Al-rich layers (included as part of a laser structure), which simplify the fabrication of free mechanical structures by allowing the selective etching of the GaAs substrate out from under the Al-rich layers.

Source: pme.uchicago.edu/


(a) To make up a story in order to deceive;

(b) Construct or manufacture something

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

As you can see, the word “fabricated” has both a positive and a negative connotation. In (a), the meaning is negative, while (b) has a positive impact – you are making something good!

Both the meanings involving making something. In the first, one makes stories based on lies while in the second, some structure or window or car door is being built using some parts.

The word “Fabricate” should remind you of the word “Fibre“. You can use fibres to make a bad weapon or a good thing. Hope this helps! Check out the antonyms and synonyms below though.


(a) Forge; Falsify; Fake; Counterfeit; Concoct; Contrive;

(b) Create; Manufacture; Assemble


(a) Substantiate; Validate; Verify;

(b) Destroy; Dismantle

Credits: giphy.com

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