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Word: Facade

Facade (Noun)

Sentence with Context:

Azerbaijan’s oil riches have turned its capital, Baku, into a gaudy showcase city. But as global oil prices have dropped, Baku’s facade has started to crumble. Showy parks are being left untended and the floodlights illuminating Baku’s historic centre are noticeably dimmed.

Source: theguardian.com


(a) False outward appearance

(b) Front of building that opens to a street or open space

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

The word “facade” should remind you of “face”. Some may show you their true face while others may hide their true face and display a fake facade.

Just like the word “fabricate” that we discussed before here, the word “facade” thus also has both a positive and negative connotation attached to it based on the context.


(a) Show, illusion, charade, affectation, sham, fake, guise, mask, feign

(b) Front, aspect, elevation


(a) Candid, direct, blunt, forthright, openhearted, straightforward, sincere

(b) Back, rear, rearward

Credits: Nick Anderson

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