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Word: Impecunious

Impecunious [Adjective]

Sentence: The foragers and farmers and fishermen of the old Chez Panisse fantasy still figure, but now as an unseen impecunious peasant horde combing beaches and redwoods for the chanterelles and Santa Barbara spot prawns that genius chefs transform into visionary distillations of a mythical Northern California experience that no successful entrepreneur would waste time living. [Source: www.nytimes.com]

Meaning: Having little or no money

How To Remember?

The “-pecun-” part of “Impecunious” should remind you of the word “Pecuniary“. (Click here to check the meaning of the word.)

Pecuniary” is related to money. “Impecunious” should remind you of someone who does not have any!


Penniless; Penurious; Poor; Indigent.



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