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Word: Idyllic

Idyllic [Adjective]

Sentence: No visit to Berkeley is complete without an idyllic stroll under the canopy of old-growth oaks, redwoods and 200-foot eucalyptus trees on the beautiful University of California campus. It’s also an excellent place to survey notable buildings designed by the architects John Galen Howard, Bernard Maybeck and Julia Morgan. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque.

How To Remember?

Idyllic” should remind of the word “ideal“. And in our busy and complicated lives in concrete jungles, what life would we define as “ideal“? A simple and carefree life lived in a picturesque place, that is an idyllic life.


Idealized; Blissful; Halcyon; Utopian; Elysian; Bucolic.



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Picture Credit: chasingonehundred.wordpress.com

[Santorini in Greece is an idyllic vacationing spot preferred by tourists around the world.]

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