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Word: Garrulous

Garrulous [Adjective]

Sentence: Constandin, an inexhaustible talker, overflowing with corny wisdom, snippets of poetry and philosophical musings, resembles one of Mr. Tarantino’s garrulous bounty hunters. He also seems entirely at home in his milieu, even as he is troubled from time to time by stirrings of compassion or remorse. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Excessively talkative, especially about trivial matters

How To Remember?

A talkative someone who speaks all “Garbage(trivial stuff) out “loud” is being “Garrulous“.


Talkative; Loquacious; Voluble; Verbose; Effusive.


Taciturn; Reticent; Concise.

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Picture Credit: lysiakwordblog.blogspot.in

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